Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thanks for getting this far. This is the switchyard for blogs on books I have written. If you wish to comment on the books (and the subjects they deal with) please, jump on and start posting! Be part of the debate.

Also, if you have images, maps, links or other material you would like to share on the Companion web_books, please post them on the blogs listed below.

Follow the links below to the blogs for each of the books/series/subject areas. They are separated out so that the Punic Wars don't get mixed up with Australian squatters.

Link to blog page for The House of Thunder Series:The Father, The Son and The Fall    

Link to blog page for Last of the Mycenaeans

Link to blog page for Catterthun   

Link to blog page for Lithgow   

Link to blog page for Noah's Ark